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Hi, here's a first attempt to produce a song with the arranger of the Deluge. worked on for a few days. It's a lot of fun in any case The Sound its only Deluge :-)

produced by LFO-ONE more music can be found here: https://choon.co/artists/bushradio
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As a diver I have already been able to admire the underwater world in several places of this world. Its deep, clear and beautiful infinity. Her mysterious vastness, a dive I made when our ship was heading towards the Caribbean, had animated me to do this track. Two divers had to free the propeller from an old drift net, which had got caught there and made a continuation impossible. One of the two lucky ones was me! Happy because the opportunity rarely occurs to dive in a place in the sea that is over 5000 meters deep. It was an incredible experience which burned into my brain and some years later led to this track.

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produced by LFO-ONE bushradio

Deluge 26

a little jam with the Deluge and some apps on the iPad. Like SpaceCraft, Primer, a free synthesizer for iOs, and Ripplemaker. With the app AUM, everything is connected. It also sends the clock to the Deluge, which is connected via USB via a HUB. The audio signals of the iPad are routed into the Deluge and were processed there. I recorded the whole thing in Ableton Live 9.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by my YT-Channel.
more music from LFO-ONE here: choon

produced by LFO-ONE

eine kleine Jam mit dem Deluge und einigen apps auf dem iPad. Als da wären, SpaceCraft, Primer ein kostenloser Synthesizer für iOs, und Ripplemaker. Mit der App AUM, ist alles verbunden. Diese gibt auch die Clock an den Deluge ab, der per USB über einem HUB angeschlossen ist. Die Audiosignale des iPads sind in den Deluge geroutet und wurden dort bearbeitet. Das ganze habe ich in Ableton Live 9 aufgenommen.

Viel Spaß und danke fürs vorbei schauen auf dem Kanal.
Mehr Musik gibt es hier: choon

produziert von LFO-ONE