Experimental Beats with Spectralis from Radikal Technologies

just a session with my Spectralis. direct recorded from Spectralis without mastering. https://lfoone.bandcamp.com/album/nacht-wache

produced by LFO ONE

Nacht Wache Release 

i am very happy to announce my first Album on HHertzSignal
HHertzsignal about:
Will be out on 6th of December: HHertzSignal is back from the sleep of the forced break with an intelligent techno album debut by none other than LFO ONE (a well-known friend of electronic music from Kiel. His specialty are staggered beats, which he has let flow into a complete sound journey through the facets of his mechanoid techno for this album, not missing out some deep house, electro and ambient impressions. Cover artwork by TheMadScientis



here is a small live set which I recorded today You can hear the Deluge from Audible Synthstrom and the analog synthsizer Tiefenrausch, which is supplied with a lot of reverb by the Z5000 vion Tiptop Audio. I recorded the whole thing on video. Since I have some videos on my Youtube channel but no commercials, I thought I would offer the set here on Bandcamp . Just like everybody likes :-) I hope you like the music.

produced by LFO-ONE

just received

Today I received the first release of Audible Synthstrom. I am very happy to be a part of it. The track "dont ask me" is included in two versions. One is only available on vinyl, the second only digital on e.g. Bandcamp.


thanks to Ian and Team.
much love