Experimental Beats with Spectralis from Radikal Technologies

just a session with my Spectralis. direct recorded from Spectralis without mastering. https://lfoone.bandcamp.com/album/nacht-wache

produced by LFO ONE

Nacht Wache Release 

i am very happy to announce my first Album on HHertzSignal
HHertzsignal about:
Will be out on 6th of December: HHertzSignal is back from the sleep of the forced break with an intelligent techno album debut by none other than LFO ONE (a well-known friend of electronic music from Kiel. His specialty are staggered beats, which he has let flow into a complete sound journey through the facets of his mechanoid techno for this album, not missing out some deep house, electro and ambient impressions. Cover artwork by TheMadScientis